Wall Coatings

Wet walls transfer heat twice as quickly as dry walls. 35% of heat loss is through walls. Retained moisture creates damp and mould.

ClimaShield Energy Efficient Clear Wall Coating cures damp brick walls and saves you money on your heating bills.


Substrates Treated with Climasheild External Wall Insulation Coating  will improve the thermal properties of the building providing energy savings and protection against weathering.

  • Reduces Energy Bills (approx 6/7% P/A )
  • Protects Brickwork & Render
  • Keeps walls Dry
  • Self Cleaning

Does your home have unpainted brick or stone exterior walls?

Does it suffer from damp or condensation?

Is your home cold even when the heating is switched on?

What exactly is ClimaShield?

ClimaShield is an External Insulating Wall coating and is ideally suited for houses made of  unpainted brick, block or natural stone. It will soak  into your exterior walls and will not change the  appearance inany way. It significantly reduces the  absorption of water and water-borne contaminants  whilst allowing the substrate to continue to breathe.

ClimaShield External Insulating Wall coating is super- hydrophobic, providing a self- cleaning mechanism to  help maintain the appearance of your property and is  far superior to any waterproofing product available from your local hardware or DIY store and as such is  specialist.


What are the benefits of the ClimaShield External Wall Insulation Coating?

  • It insulates your home, lowering heating bills.
  • Eliminates penetrating damp, protecting your health.
  • Protects against erosion, especially in coastal or exposed homes.
  • Offers protection from frost attack which can crack render, stone and mortar joints.
  • Helps to regulate interior humidity and stops condensation forming.
  • Helps to keep clean the external walls of your home, preserving its character.
  • Protects masonry and brickwork.
  • Available for small brick and stone houses, to large mansions and commercial buildings.
  • Also suitable for Grade 1 & 2 listed buildings